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"The Shirley Temple Collection" DVD Contest
"The Shirley Temple Collection" DVD Contest

The Shirley Temple CollectionAmerica’s favorite ringlet-haired girl, Shirley Temple, brings home the song and dance when Fox Home Entertainment releases THE SHIRLEY TEMPLE COLLECTION with three enchanting titles, including HEIDI, CURLY TOP, and LITTLE MISS BROADWAY, on August 30.

Digitally remastered and restored featuring state of the art colorization technology, THE SHIRLEY TEMPLE COLLECTION features both the digitally restored black and white and color versions of each captivating film. Each title also includes a commemorative bracelet with a unique charm.

The SHIRLEY TEMPLE COLLECTION Volume 1 is a box set with all three Shirley Temple classics and a bracelet with all three charms. Sometimes known as “dimples" or "little curly top"-- by any name Shirley Temple has charmed audiences for ages and still is a classic favorite today.

A movie star at the age of four who could dance and sing like no other, Shirley Temple performed with some of Hollywood’s brightest stars and remains an American icon. Each title is also available individually for $14.98.

Don't miss you chance to win a free DVD of
"The Shirley Temple Collection!"
Enter below now!

 Prizes:  This contest will feature 5 winners, each receiving a
              copy of "The Shirley Temple Collection" on DVD!


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