Haley Joel Osment


Personal Facts
Full Name:   Haley Joel Osment
Birth Date:   April 10th, 1988 (17 years old)
Resides:   Los Angeles, California
Height:   5' 6"
Hair Color:   Blond
Eye Color:   Blue
Siblings:   Sister, Emily Jordan Osment
Pets:   2 aquatic frogs, 2 geckos, a dog named Suki, and a hamster
School Facts
Grade Level:   10th Grade - High school Sophomore
GPA:   4.0
Favorite Classes:   Science, Language Arts, History, and Math
Sports:   Basketball, Golf, Baseball, and Football
Athletes:   Kobe Bryant
Music / Bands:   R.E.M., Coldplay, Radiohead, Pink Floyd, and Led Zeppelin
Authors:   Tolkien, and Edgar Allan Poe
Reading Material:   Science Fiction
Food:   Mostly vegetarian, but likes chicken and fish
Junk Food:   Snickers, and maybe a Strawberry-Sprinkle pop-tart
Historical Person:   George Patton, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt
FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
Is there an email or US mail address where I can write Haley?
Currently, there is not an email address that Haley can be reached at. You can write a letter to the agency that represents Haley at the authorized address that follows below. While you can be certain that the letters are read, receiving a reply to your letter will be relatively unknown, and is probably dictated by how much fan mail he gets. If 1000's of letters are received each week, most likely only a few of them will get a written reply. Please note: It is inappropriate to call Coast To Coast Talent Group or Meredith to relay messages to Haley, or make information requests. Calls of this nature are not accepted by Coast To Coast.

Haley Joel Osment
c/o Meredith Fine
Coast To Coast Talent Group
3350 Barham Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90068-1404

Where does Haley live? Where was he born?
Haley currently resides, and was born, in the Los Angeles, California area.

Does Haley surf the internet?
Being that the internet is very easy for people to access, it is likely that you would find Haley surfing the internet. With this in mind, if you post messages about him on the internet, he may read them....choose your words carefully!

What projects is Haley working on now?
Haley has finished up with his role in "Secondhand Lions."  Other projects are being evaluated.

Does Haley have a girlfriend?
Not at this time.

How did Haley's parents come up with his name?
To the best of our knowledge, Haley's parents were looking for a name that was unique. A name that other boys would not have. A name that stands out. Thus, they came up with the name Haley. We do not know where the name Joel is derived from.

What grade is Haley in? Does he attend a private school? Does he get good grades?
Haley is 16 years old, which by standard puts him in the 11th grade (High School junior). So far Haley has maintained a straight A average in his subjects (way to go!). Additionally, he does attend a public school when he's not being tutored due to his acting schedule.


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